My top 5 coffee houses experiences around the world

I was naive. I did not belong to the world of coffee houses endless crawling.

Everything started in Germany in 2003 when I went to a very known coffee house in Tübingen, Café Atrium. It was a warm summer afternoon, but I and my two friends wanted to take me to this place and I fully enjoyed the great cappuccino they had. Life changing!

From that day on, I developed a real relationship with coffee. For good.

I did my B.A. in South Brazil, where people are simply addicted to it. The world largest coffee beans producer, unfortunately, has not my gold medal for coffee beans taste. But has one of my favorite coffee places in the world!

To all coffee specialists, please notice that I did not picture here an experience of cupping nor analyzing coffee beans genetics nor taste receptors. That is a very important role but restricted to coffee specialists. Here I mean a “great joyful moment while having a coffee drink” as a life experience, following my own cognitive psychology and momentum feelings. I really like the places I listed below, where I have been at least in twice different opportunities, alone or with friends.

To me, they mean a real example of comfort food. Understand how I structured this piece of happiness I want to share with you:

Environment: Am I empathic to the business proposal? Does the coffee house levels up my inspiration? How careful is the decoration?;

People: How good is the attendance? How do locals interact and talk with visitors? Do I belong to the client profile?;

Quality and variety of coffee drinks: Do they serve Arabica beans only? How are they involved in the roasting and production processes? Is there a big variety of drinks?

1- Conditorei Café Schober-Péclard, Zurich

Classic. The decoration is wonderful and I confess I was intimidated the first time I entered. It looked such an exclusive fancy tiny chocolate store. By the time I entered, I discovered a cozy world: there is a Grand Piano inside of their wonderful classic “salon rouge”, which made me feel inside of a classic castle tea room. There I could find the most polite people ever — maybe all around the city, by the way. One night I stayed there until it closes, and I had a great experience: they played the Édith Piaf most classic song for 10 times or more until all customers stood up and make themselves “comfortable at home”. Secretly, they did not know that was not bothering me at all, because I was loving the place, the song, the company. They have delicious sweets and chocolates and they use coffee beans from a swiss roastery. I had many espressos there trying to equilibrate the sweetness of the place. This 100 years Café is located in Old Town, just ask for the “sweet corner”.

Christmas decoration makes it more wonderful. Credits: Sissa Granada

2- Sayuri Healing Coffee, Bali

Raw-vegan. People there seem to enjoy life at another level, they are always calm and do care about health and nature. The first time I went to this coffee place, I melt completely. They have such delicious guilt-free sweets and I loved the idea I could taste them all. Workers were very attentive when offering their food courses – not in that cheap marketing way – and, of course, I joined one of them: “raw desserts chefs”. It matched perfectly with my intention of leveling up my healthy food practices in the kitchen. This coffee house is located in Ubud, a very spiritual neighborhood, and you can see many yogis arriving there after their practices. I had great conversations and met very interesting people there, from chefs to business people making themselves comfortable with “healing”. There, I tasted for the first time an Asian coffee too. I still prefer the central American ones, but I enjoyed the vegan Japanese one they serve.

Made myself double comfort. Credits: Sissa Granada

3- Café Cultura, Florianópolis

Cultural. There are books everywhere, about all themes. They are a perfect companion for a cup of coffee or a great excuse to start a conversation with someone nearby — not that this is really necessary, as I see Brazilians as the world’s most sympathetic and open people. Once I went there with two friends, I took a poetry book and we started reciting poetry to each other. Magical! I just stopped when my almond milk latte arrived! This coffee house has their own roastery and uses the best Brazilian coffee beans. They offer the biggest range of coffee and milk drinks from these 5 top places I chose. The same for food, I have already joined brunch and dinner there. There are also good tables for people who want to work from their laptops, as I am just doing right now.

4- Truth Coffee Roasting, Cape Town

Hipster. The energetic environment I could feel from the sidewalk, with their very motivated doormen. By the time I enter, it was like you inside of a theater. The way waiters dress and care about everything is amazing. Food is great, also with a big assortment from breakfast to dinner. They have wonderful worldwide coffee beans and the roastery fellows were very attentive once when they explained and showed me different grains and processing way of doing. The atmosphere was simply perfect to make an endless espresso tasting. I was only two weeks in Cape Town, but my Airbnb was in the same street, downtown the city, so I came back there to try many different espressos and I can definitely say this artisan-roasted coffee house rocks!

Such a creative place. Credits: own business

5- Deutsche Bank Quartier Zukunft, Berlin

Business. This place is a very modern concept of banking, mixed with coffee and lounge area. It has many rooms available to do meetings, in a very modern environment. People made me feel home with their friendly attendance, especially at the coffee comfy sofas. I joined a mastermind there once and came back other times to work on my notebook. It is located in the middle of Berlin, it is really easy to arrive. They offer coffee beans from a german roastery and delicious classical bites. I usually had a soy milk cappuccino — in Germany the cup is huge — and the waiter already know I liked with plenty of cinnamon on it!

Very modern. Credits: own business